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The Long Patrol's Journal

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Sunday, June 5th, 2005
12:56 am - Two logs from Long Patrol - The Bloodthirsters TP....
skipai First log really sets things off. You can find it here:

Basically its where the Long Patrol send out a patrol with recruits and veterans who end up pretty much being killed or captured. Halyard Village is under vermin control now....

The second log which is here:

This is a short log showing that Salamandastron has found out of the events that happened a few days back but nothng is to be done until the Colonels decide on the matter. Therefore gotta wait for them to log on and such :)

Anyways, enjoy the logs :)

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Friday, January 21st, 2005
5:13 pm - Log....
skipai Here's a log that was done. Sorry about the shortness of it. Still having eye problems. Ordered new software to help enlarge text but won't get that until next week.

Log of Sorrel, Jarril, Skipai and Earblade drinking in the Tavern's celler.Collapse )

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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
7:54 pm - Need help
skipai Since I have been having problem with my eye and therefore not been able to get on the PC much, I find myself with like a day to get any logs done.

So really need to find anyone who reads this LJ entry to log onto redwall for me so I can get a RP done with two of my characters.

If not, I just let my chars go. Just my eye has been causing problem (May lose the sight anyways) But if interested I am on Redwall for a few hours and then I log off again. More details of my sight is on my main LJ but it sucks at the moment.

current mood: blah

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Saturday, January 15th, 2005
10:15 pm - Logs!

01-14-05 - Afternoon

Jabilo, Rahier, Rothal, Briarflower - Rec RoomCollapse )

01-14-05 - Evening

Darklett, Zoe_Lang - CraterCollapse )

01-15-05 - Afternoon

Cephas, Taye - EntrywayCollapse )

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Friday, January 14th, 2005
3:49 am

Well, while the Redwall site's down, this will have to serve as log-posting territory, which... actually won't be so bad. Anyone in the group who happens to have an lj and would care to join the community and/or post their own logs is welcome to, but if not, I'll be posting them up myself. Just make sure you get them to me at my email addy (Oklina@gmail.com), nice and edited.

- Zoe

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Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
3:40 pm

My goodness talk about the workshift that never ended. *yawns* Well at least I'm almost finished with Mattimeo. And on the Redwall front I have also checked out from the library Salamandastron, The Long Patrol, The Legend of Luke, and Lord Brocktree. Gotta keep the brain fed wot? ^.~

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Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
4:59 pm - Hmmm.
skipai Well, I thought I post the first post in 2004 on here :D

Right, now that's done. Erm, anyone o give off a few directions to a few places from Old 67th.

Most probably due to current plot as on how to get to the quarry and any other useful areas within Mossflower. That could help a few members really in knowing how to get there :)

current mood: good

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Sunday, September 28th, 2003
4:44 pm - Hey there! :)

Hi. I'm Anjalika in the Long Patrol. I'm really new to role playing as Anjalika, so I could use some help fitting in with my character. If anyone is feeling generous and wants to RP with me, I'd really appreciate it. :)

current mood: giddy

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4:22 pm

Hey, all! So, it's official. I really am just sad enough that I actually created us a community. That being said, I hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to post logs, chat conversations, or just character plots that you find amusing. Also, if you've got complaints, suggestions, or what have you, or if you just have something entirely random to say, feel free to say it.

And, well, I guess that's it. Have fun. ;)

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