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Here's a log that was done. Sorry about the shortness of it. Still having eye problems. Ordered new software to help enlarge text but won't get that until next week.

08:41 PM
Logfile from Redwall Muck Jarril.

Jarril idly sits on one of the barrels, looking at the otter who is moving about at each one and taking a sniff here and there. "Come on. We have ta wait for the old colonel ta get here." Fixing his whiskers slightly while looking at the entrance. "I don't think I be missed that much, though. Kinda slipped away and all, wot."

Whistling echoes quietly around the cellar, coming from the caverns outside. It slowly gets louder and soon the source of the chirpy tune pops his face round the entrance. The ex-Colonel Earblade grins and gives a dramatic bow before removing his over coat and putting it over a cellar, where he perches his behind for now. He flourishes a tankard, pilfered from Neville's bar and offers it to Skipai, "Well then chaps, I believe we'd best fill up if we're to begin!"

Skipai slowly takes the tankard from Ear and chuckles. "Did he give y' this or did y' borrow it from him?" The otter chuckles and shakes his head. "I'll give it back t' him when I bring his next meal up." Grinning more, the otter nods his head. "So what y' recommend colonel?"

Jarril leans on one of the barrels while nodding his head to the colonel coming in and crossing his arms about his chest. "Ah, colonel. Nice for ya ta join us. I thought ya stopped drinking though?"

Earblade hrms and taps his nose thoughtfully, standing for a moment and glancing around the various barrels, "Weeeeell, it must be said that I've had rather a lot of Neville's house bitter recently, might be time for a change methinks..." he stops and grins up at the Major, "Hah, that I did Jarril my friend, stopped for a whole darned month! But now I'm back on the beers it must be said, although with the addition of a healthy diet and the promise of cutting down now and then". He looks back at the barrels, "Now let me see.... the spiced one is only good if heated and we aren't going to do that now are we fellas? It'll have to be the guest to start I reckon, its quite light and gets the tastebuds warmed up for the heavier stuff" he says, nodding in agreement with his own judgement, he points to a worn-looking keg, obviously travelled from elsewhere. "Thats the one, I say we attack there first"

Jarril grins and hops off the barrel with a grin. "Alright. We attack that one first." Moving over to said worn barrel and placing his paw on top of it. "Hmm, perhaps I let you open them, colonel. You're in charge around here and all.

Skipai nods slowly while still looking for a barrel of another nature. "Hmmm, I wonder where he's put it." Looking to Ear with a nod, he stops looking and pads over to the barrel in question. "Alright but don't mistake me on not being able t' take my drink, matey." The otter's whiskers twitch slightly. "Been known t' drink my fair share now and again on cold nights."

Earblade grins broadly, "Well then you won't mind if I take the first pint too!" laughs Ear. He sighs and starts the process of tapping the keg, screwing the valve in carefully before hitting it home. He pauses for a moment as it gurgles mysteriously then holds a tankard undernear it. He gingerly turns the tap and... out pours a steady stream of golden-coloured ale. He fills his to the top, takes the tankard and licks his lips, pausing for a moment and staring into the frothy mixture. He takes a large, deep, breath through his nose, taking in the smell and flavours of the ale carefully. He breaths out and sighs happily, "Ooh this is exactly what I need" he says dreamily, dipping a finger into the foamy head and scooping it to his mouth. "Ahh, promising, very promising indeed!". He lifts the tankard to his mouth, taking a long, drawn-out mouthful which he proceeds to swish slightly before swallowing. He sighs heavily, "Oooh thats the stuff".

Skipai moves to the barrel, takes his tankard under the tap and pours himself a full tankard himself. Taking a sip, the otter blinks, moves his head to the side and licks his muzzle slightly. "It's alright I suppose. Bit weak though." Without saying another word, the old otter downs the whole tankard in one go, wiping his muzzle with a arm. "But does taste good. Although I need somehting with more bite, excuse me a moment." Moving off again, the otter searches for something again. "Hmmm, where's that barrel again the other otters gave me on their last visit here. Hmmm?"

Jarril blinks slightly, gives the colonel a look and then makes his way to pouring himself a tankard himself, sipping it softly. "Hmmm, our cook seems to be a drinker, colonel." Winking.

Earblade grins, "Hah, I've known far too many Otters to be fooled by that! To you chaps something with 'more bite' will likely have a poor old hare chap like m'self on the floor before I've even sniffed the bugger!" Ear exclaims, gulping down a bit more from his tankard, idly topping it up as he leans against the barrel, the perfect drinkers stance already applied. One elbow propping him up, the other holding the beer, legs crossed idly. "I'll stick with this for another then I'll be on the good stuff methinks".

Skipai turns his head back to face the colonel with a grin. "Oh, colonel. Would I ever trick you like that?" Moving his gaze back to one of the barrels he's inspecting. "I only tricked one hare and that was unintentional. I didn't know Neville couldn't take his ho'roo'." Shaking his head, the otter smiles and pulls out a small'ish barrel. "Ah, there's the stuff. "Stream wine." Opening the top of the barrel with a small knife, the otter slowly pours a small amount of it into the glass, then seals the barrel again. Making his way back, he smiles and takes a sip. "Best stuff t' warm a heart on a cold night this? Well, that and keeps any colds away come t' think about it."

Sorrel has arrived.

Sorrel room-pages, "how is sconey rping if he's ooc ?".

Earblade stares, "Oooh you don't want to be upsetting our Nev'" says Ear ominously, "He's the only hare in the building who can get hold of decent port, brew decent ales and serve us when we're too far gone to get our own". He grins and shakes his head, slurping down the last of the 2nd mug of light ale, wiping the froth left around his mouth. He turns the tap of the keg tightly and sticks a cork in the end to stop any of the precious liquid from escaping. He hunts about for a moment before pouncing on a much newer-looking keg. "Aaaah this is the stuff, Nev's special brew. Its a bit like drinking tar but it ain't half got a kick to it... though it comes in a moment or two after swallowing, odd stuff". He grins and starts the process of tapping the barrel, gesturing towards Jarril to finish his and pass his tankard for a fill-up.

Jarril blinks and downs his whole tankard in one go, handing his over to the colonel straight away. "Hmm, I don't know. Isn't that the stuff y' drank with our last badger lord. I try just one pint but I think that be my limit."

Skipai just sits down against a barrel and sips his wine softly, watching the two other hares.

Sorrel wafts in.thinking expression on her face. odd. she stops at the bottom of the stairs, leaning against the wall.

Earblade chuckles slowly, his grin spreading more, taking on a somewhat evil appearance. "Aaaah, you'll be meaning Nev's special brew mark 1... this little beauty is now mark... erm... 4 I think, perhaps 5." he pats the barrel effectionately as the black liquid froths up slowly in the major's tankard. He passes it back to Jarril and winks, "Get some down yer lad... tho I might mention that its gotten slightly stronger as of late" he adds, going almost to a whispered mumble towards the end. He fills his own up and takes a slow slurp, smiling slightly then shaking his head quickly. "Ahhhh thats got a bit of power behind it" he says quietly, peering down at the substance then taking another gulp.

Sorrel recognizes the voice. "OI! Is Sconey knee deep in ahle ahggin?"

Skipai finishes his drink and places the tankard down on the floor. "Well, I best get back t' my duties. Hares need feeding and all." The otter rolls his eyes and mutters something about bottomless pits as he makes his way towards the exit.

Jarril looks at the contents of the tankard and sniffs it questionably. "Hmmm, okay...." Taking a sip, the major blinks and slowly takes a bigger gulp. "Mmmm, its good, I have ta tell him that the next time I see him."

Skipai has left.

Sorrel blows the headfur out from infront of her eyes. earblade got like this sometimes.

Earblade sits back against the barrel, making himself comfortable for a night of drinking, well, at least until he gets drunk enough not to notice. He drains a bit more of the tankard, now getting accustomed to the post-slurp kick of the brew. He grins and gestures for Jarril to take a seat on the other side of the barrel, "Best make yerself comfortable m'friend. If this beer does what it's supposed to your legs mightn't be too useful after another tankard of this stuff!". Ear glances towards the door and grins, raising his glass towards the newcomer, "Feel free to join, although Nev mightn't approve, he gets a bit shirty if he finds people have been pilfering his stocks... well... he'll be shirty towards us as well but it wouldn't be the first time"

Jarril nods slowly and sits down, sipping the ale in question. "I just have this one and then I have ta be going." Placing both paws on the tankard, the major chuckles. "I don't go into Neville's place enough for him to get shirty with me, wot." Taking another sip, he continues. "Don't drink much but this will do for now anyways."

Sorrel walks over and sits down across from them She is beaming ear to long, hare ear. she pulls a flask from a shelf. "Which do ye recommend, Eary, m'hare?" she hasn't completely reverted back into army mode yet.

Jarril slowly finishes his tankard and gets up. "Well, I have ta get going. Things ta do and all." Bowing to Sorrel he smiles at her. "Make sure the Colonel doesn't drink ta much." Getting up, he hands the empty tankard back to Ear. "She can use that. I won't be needing it."
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