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01-14-05 - Afternoon

Salamandastron: Recreation Room
*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Salamandastron *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
The recreation room for the army of the Longpatrol. Here soldiers come to
relax after a hard day's work and the officers come for a game of cards or
a quick drink by the fire. The room is quite large, having to deal with a
lot of hares at one time. Along one wall there is a large worktop with
some cuhsioned stools lining one side of it. On the other side of the
worktop there stand many kegs and bottles, lined so that they can be
easily opened by someone standing on the inside of the bar but well out of
reach of the rowdy hares on the other side. There are a few woollen cloths
on the bar and mats in front of each stool. The next thing nearest to the
bar are the round tables, each with 4 chairs around and a lantern in the
middle of each one. There are a couple of slightly larger oval tables with
8 seats around, obviously for larger crowds. The other end of the room is
littered with armchairs, comfortable armchairs, each pair with a small
table in between. The armchairs are near the fire, used to heat the room
and provide extra comfort for the relaxing soldiers.
Visible Exits:

Ahh, the recreation room. Friend to officer and non-officer alike. Good ole Jabby, for instance, is definitely /not/ an officer. They tend not to promote you after you've burned down a kitchen, after all. Thus, he sits in his healer's uniform at the bar, drinking an ale and mostly keeping to himself.

And.. they do promote you after you get a bonk on the noggin. Strange how things work, eh? >.> Anywho. Said promoted-hare walks his way unto the recreation room, ears a-wavely. My, my, our haunts. A white paw goes up to his hair, and he doth scratch, looking about the room. The usual 'who's best to drink with' peering. Ahh, ohh, is that Jabby? Rahier breaks into grin, and makes his way over to the apparently lonesome healer. "Allo, Jabs!" He beams brightly, taking a seat.

The sight of Rahier will never cease to start Jabby blushing, but at least he's progressed to the point where he can nod and murmur a "hullo" in greeting. Turning slightly on his stool so that he's more or less facing Rah, he nods towards the bartend. "Drink?"

Rothal enters the rec room, sitting down at one of the stools. He pays the barhare, receives his drink, and sits quietly, looking into the cup. After a moment, he turns in his stool, so that he's facing the others in the room, glancing around. Then he spins back around, shrugs, and starts to idly drink.

Ahem. Rah effects not to notice the blushing.. tho' he does, o' course. He gives his fellow healer a tiny smile of thanks, before spinning slightly upon his stool (whee) to face the bidden barkeep. Rah touches a finger to his lower lip, considering. "Just gimme one," he finally says, before turning back to Jabs with inquisitive eyes. "How're you?" Cautious blinky.

Briarflower mooches into the scene, resplendent in green. It appears that she has finally gotten hold of a uniform, although she doesn't seem terribly pleased about the fact. She hovers in the doorway, scanning the room for someone she could passably converse with. Finding no one, she begins to turn again, but stops. Why should she leave? Adjusting her expression of moroseness to one more brazen, she walks into the rec room, choosing an armchair at the other side of the room.

"Ahh - y'know. A'right. Can't righ'ly complain..." He rubs the back of his neck self-consciously, his head lowering somewhat. And then he adds, almost conversationally. "Th' colonel - y'know, Zoe? - banned me from enterin' the infirm fer the rest o' the day. Said that if I didn't get the 'ell out, she'd put me out on m' arse." He smiles thinly, shrugging. "Not t' fond o' me, 'm thinkin'."

Rahier blinks several times. Well, that sounds like Zoe, sure enough. >.> XD "Sounds.. well.. y'know. She's prob'ly jus'... irritated." Rah frowns a bit, lips forming a tiny line. But then his drink arrives, and he slips his paw around it, holding it delicately in both paws. He rests the drink upon his lap, faced toward the healer. "Free day off, wot?" Now he smiles slightly once more... and, ooh, enterings and goings-on. He looks toward the door, eyes following Briar. It's that teenager. Hum. She looks irritated, too. Back to Jabby. "Bes' jus' t'do what she says."

Briarflower seats herself, drawing her feet up to sit cross legged and leaning her head on a hand. She stares moodily before her, her other paw reaching up to tug at her collar. Urgh. Eyes flicker towards the pair at the bar. Hrmph. Well, this is fun.
"Aye, yeah. S'pose so.." He gives a small shrug and raises his drink to his lips. Once his thirst is sated, he regards Rah with raised eyebrows. "But, ah - how're you, then?" As he forgot to ask.

Rahier is quite quiet. Boisterous comes slightly later. The buck chews carefully upon his lip, surveying the cup balanced between his laced fingers. "I'm good," he says, automatically, but then stops himself up and grins in good humor. Hm. "M'boy, he's a recruit now, didja hear?" Rah has got to beaming again, about as proud as can be. "Maybe y've seen 'im. Even if I 'aven't seen you." Ehe. Giddy. XD

Jabilo's been about - he just tends to go in the opposite direction when he spies Rahier, that's all. :D He grins knowingly at the news, however. "Ah - Taye, innit? I've seen 'im runnin' about here 'n' there. Seems t' be rathah proud o' that uniform."

Rahier would look like the sun if he beamed a beaminger beam. But he laughs and sighs, deflating just a little bit. "Oy, aye, ain't no doubt he'll be a full patroller in a season o' so. 'Jes' like 'is dad.'" Grin. Hrm. The major becomes pensive again, buckteeth making a brief appearance as they touch his lower lip. "Jabby, I don't think I ever apologized f'... y'know." Shifty-look. Hopeful smile.

Briarflower's gaze swaps to the floor for a moment, in contemplation. Is it too cold in here? She ponders a few seconds more before deciding that, yes, it is too cold. She eases forward slightly in the chair, hands clasped in her lap. Oh the indecision. Should she put another log on the fire, or would that be seen in some circles as being... loggish. She sighs and gets up to do it, picking up the log and shoving it in the vague direction of the fire. Only of course she misses and it falls out again. She glares and mutters a curse, before putting it in again, poking to try and get it in the right place, in the process catching the side of her paw on a red hot ember. "Ah! F-! Sh-! Bloody-!" She straightens up sharpish, cradling her injured hand and wincing, before stopping and looking towards the two at the bar. "I burnt myself," she says loudly, willing herself not to blush. "And it really hurt." Glare. How dare they see her burn herself.

Jabilo's blush returns at full force as he blink-blink-blinks at Rahier. "Ahh... I, ah. Don't know what yer, ah... talkin' about, Rah." He looks away and then fleetingly back. Shifty-glance, yes. "Apologized fer, ah... what?" He feigns a confused smile, and shakes his head - as his attention is drawn to the almost-cursing Briar. He blinks again, "Er." Another glance is sent back at Rah, and he arches a brow. "Heh?"

Rahier thought he might get that reaction. He actually blushes himself, just a tad, and shakes his head to hide it. ;p "Yeh, I... guess y'don't," he says back, sounding ever-so-slightly disappointed. Hehe. But jeez, there's a clap of obscene thunder over from fireplace-way. XD The buck gingerly sets his mug atop the bar, before turning toward Briar. His expression briefly reads 'eep', but then he looks to her poor paw. "C'mere," he says, waving her over. "Lemme see."

Briarflower frowns. "Why?" she asks, suspiciously. He's going to put something stingy on it, she can feel it in her bones.

Jabilo's ears droop a little at Rah's reaction, especially the blush, and he looks pointedly away from him and to Briar. He manages to grin at the doe's suspicion, and glances at her paw as well. "Rah here'll fix ya up. See if it's anythin' serious."

Rahier is not able to view Jabby's reaction due to the fact that his eyes are currently trained upon the suspicious doe and her tragic paw. "So I c'n look at it, yah." XD He turns a conspiratorial healer-inside-joke-grin to his companion, though it turns a little unsure at Jabby's demeanor. Aw, look at those ears. XD Ahem. Back to Briar. "If y'don't want your paw fallin' off, that is."

"There's nothin' wrong with it," she says, guardedly. "I just burnt it a bit, on the fire, it doesn't need owt doin' to it, for God's sake. Honestly, like bloody vultures, you are." Scooooooowl. Hrm, has she been too rude? Her mouth twists slightly in recompense and she offers a belated, "Thank you."

It's hard not to laugh at Briar, even if Jab does feel a bit awkward being so close to Rah at the moment. As it is, he manages to only smile, and shrugs. "Suit yerself, lass. 'Tis yer pain, not ours."

Rahier's ears fall a bit back at her outburst, and he touches a finger to his chin, considering the doe. Honestly, always attacking the healers. ;p "Well... all righ'," he says, somewhat hesitantly. "I would say y'should stop by th'infirmary at least an' get somethin'..."

Briarflower feels rather awkward now, scowl/frown combo disappearing to be replaced by mild regret. "Well... maybe. Can't see it'd do any good tho'." And she mooches off into the sunset for a few paces before a magical Elk trots in, snorts aggressively at the two hares and allows Briarflower to get on and ride away at top speed. Fare thee well.

Now that the distraction that Briar provided is gone, Jab looks at his drink, instead, with a small shake of his head. "Heh." Very verbal of you, Jabby.

Rahier watches with ears-folded as Briar takes her leave. Such is the lot of the healer. XD Ah well. ;p So! He turns back to Jabby, placing his paws together to look down to them. A grin surfaces at the heh and he returns it, but the grin fades slowly to an idle sort of smile. "Jabby," he ventures, still picking at his palm quite intently, "Wouldja maybe wannaaa... help me in th'infirmary sometime?" Eyes hooded, he glances up. Hehehehe. ;p XD

Another blush flushing his cheeks, Jab rubs absently at the back of his neck again and shrugs with a nod. "Aye, yeah... Sure. S'long as Zoe doesn't ban me fer life." Another 'heh' escapes him, and he sends a sidelong glance at the other buck.

Rahier looks sheepish. His little nose twitches a few times, and he keeps those eyes upturned at Jabs, though his nose is still pointed down to his lap. "If it's not good, we could go somewhere else. Like.. th'crater. Jus' t'...talk." Little smile.

Nonono, do /not/ look at Rah, right now. Nonono. Jab angles his neck back so that he's staring up at the ceiling. He then stands, very nearly stumbling backwards off of his stool. "Ah-" He steadies himself, and sheepish-grins. Exciteable, much? "Ah, sure. Ah... eithah's fine. But, ah. Have t' be headin' out, now. Ah... back t' the infirm- ah, I mean... no! I mean. Ah. Off fer /dinnah/, that's the ticket! Righ'." He nods to Rah, takes another step back, bumps into someone, sidesteps them, and turns, quickly exiting the rec room. Spaz.

01-14-05 - Evening

Salamandastron: Crater
*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Salamandastron *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
You are on the very top of the mountain of Salamandastron: a large, bowl-
shaped crater. The crater is not smooth, quite the contrary in fact.
Numerous boulders and large chunks of rock are strewn around randomly,
making the crater top just as craggy as any of the mountainside. The
crater provides an outstanding view of the surrounding country. The sea
sprawls off to the west as far as the eye can see, and north and south
along the endlessly rolling sand dunes. In the distant east, a tinge of
green is just visible from this height, marking the vegetation in the
foothills of the Western Mountains.
Visible Exits:
[N]ortheast [M]ountainside [Down] to Third Level

Darklett is almost sitting on the outside edge of the mountain, actually just inside on a sharp, jutting rock that looks conveniently like a seat of some sort. It's rather breezy out there, but Darklett's wearing an extra layer of a cloak to compensate for that. In any case, he sits, looking to the west over the endless ocean.

Extra cloaks are good, but Zoe's only just wearing the one, wrapped tightly around herself. She steps out into the crater, looking this way and that as a breeze gusts up. Pulling the cloak closer around herself, she wanders out towards the edge of the crater, and there she spies Darklett. Hm. She walks up quietly beside where he sits, and clears her throat lightly.

Darklett lightly drums his paws on his knees as he sits looking over the ocean, looking quite deep at the moment. Perhaps one with nature, or somethin'. That could explain why he jumps as the breeze carries the noise of Zoe's cough to his ears, and shoots his attention that way. He smiles, and offers a quick salute. "Hello, Colonel. Good evening, isn't it?"

"Aye, a bit chilly, but fair 'nough.." She returns the smile and takes a seat on a nearby boulder. "What brings ya out here?" She looks out towards the sea where Darklett was looking before.

"Nobeast ever comes out here." Darklett turns his head to look out over the horizon again. "Always seems peaceful, even with the cold weather we have now." He shrugs. "If you can keep warm, you can actually think."

Zoe_Lang nods in quiet agreement. "'Tis a good bit more peaceful than the rest o' the mountain, yer righ'. Personally, I like t' tend the gardens down the side o' the mountain in the spring. I'm fairly certain most o' the mountain just assumes our greens appear full-formed 'n' ready fer the eatin'." She grins slightly, "So aye, I know what ya mean by peaceful."

Darklett grins, giving a slow, enlightened nod. "Ahhhh, so -you're- the one that does that! Well, I'm grateful for that." He waits a few seconds, then lets out a chuckle. "The kid never comes up here, either, so that's always good."

Zoe_Lang smiles knowingly, and nods. "Ahhh, yeah. Kids c'n be a pawful... How's she doin', by the way?"

Darklett grins. "Just fine, just fine. Better than ever, actually. She's not afraid of non-gray-furred hares anymore, that's always good..." His voice trails off as he spots a bird flying towards the sea, hovering in the air, then suddenly swooping down to catch a fish out of the water. He raises his brow, then looks to the Colonel. "...Yeah, so she's not biting nurses anymore."

"Ahh, past the bitin' face? 'm still workin' on that little problem with m' Miette. She tends t' like t' bite instead o' talk through a problem. Can't think where she might o' gotten that from." Zoe grins, shrugging. "But she's a'right with all... er, all colahs o' hares, now?" Another small grin.

Darklett bounces a bit in a chuckle, nodding. "All colors. Which, I might add, is a huge relief on me. Can't count how many times I've had to bail Auree out of a bad spot because of that." He tilts his head quizzically at the colonel. "Biter? Nooo. I could never see you as a biter, Colonel. Must be Lieutenant Oxeye." He grins, resting back against the rock upon which he sits.

If Zoe wasn't in such a good mood, she might have to hit Dark for that. Ahaha. As it is, she just smiles wryly. "If there's anythin' I c'n help with, where she's concerned, jus' gimme a yell, eh?"

Well, you know Dark. Such a limits-tester. :) "Alright, Colonel. Thanks. I'll probably need your help sometime." He stretches out, rolling his neck a little. "I never asked you what brought -you- up here."

"Had a bit o' a day. Healahs drivin' me crazy in the infirmary all day long.. figured I'd best get outta the way before I started lashin' out." She grins a bit and shrugs, pulling her cloak around her again.

Darklett cringes at Zoe's response, understanding, even without knowing firsthand. "Those healer-types sure do raise all kinds of trouble, don't they?" He manages a cheeky grin, and slides off his rock. "Although I'd love to stay up here and chat with you, Colonel, I gotta go searching for Auree and put her to bed..." He turns to leave, spinning around quickly. "Thanks again for the offer, it's much appreciated." He salutes the officer, and takes a step backward, before turning and heading back down into the mountain.

Turning as he stands, she nods and returns the salute. "No need t' thank, but yer welcome. Have a good nigh'." She nods once more and then turns back to regard the sea.

01-15-05 - Afternoon

Salamandastron: Entryway
*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Salamandastron *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
This is a small, raised platform in the side of the mountain upon which
you can see down to the small niche in the mountain. Cunningly designed,
this precaution allows one from this vantage point to 'see' who is
standing outside without being detected.
Visible Exits:
[Outside] [A]long [P]assageway
[S]tairs to [S]entry [R]oom

Cephas steps in from the outside, hobbling along slowly with his crutch. The runner has a half eaten pastry in his paw, mouth currently full with a bite. The bruise on his cheek is beginning to fade, though his left ear is folded covering it from sight. Sighing quietly, Ceph leans against the wall, eyes looking down the corridor.

Looking up from where he sits against the wall a bit further along the corridor, Taye squints his eye across at Cephas, but doesn't for the moment say anything - though his brow does wrinkle slightly at the sigh.

Cephas misses Taye, since he's just more staring off into space than looking for company. Finishing off his bit of pastry, Ceph starts to hobble down the passageway once more. He halts in midstep though, finally seeing Taye. Erk. "'lo."

Scrabbling up to his feet once Ceph's noticed him, Taye dips his head in a quick nod. "'Llo, sah. Out fer a run?"

Blinkity. Ceph tilts his head, claws scratching his neck. "Just a stroll really. Can't run on account of my leg. And...well its just Ceph, not sir if ya don't mind." He decides to rest against the wall again, trying to will his ear to unfold itself. "So, you a new patroller?"

Taye looks from Ceph to the crutch, and blushes. No, he wouldn't be out for a run, would he? He then nods, "Yes, sa- Ceph. Joined up with the runnahs back mid-fall, I guess. I'll still be in trainin' fer anothah season're so, I guess." He stops, then adds as an afterthought, "M' da's a majah - with the healahs. Y'know 'im? Rahier?"

Cephas nods, grinning at the young buck, which is a very odd sight from the shy runner. "That's good. Glad to meet another runner. Maybe we'll be on patrol together sometime when your training is done." Oh, at the mention of the certain major, Ceph's ears flush crimson. "Aye, I know yer dad. He's the one who fixed up my leg. Really nice hare he is. So, what's your name then?"

Taye grins with a certain amount of pride at the praise given for his dad, and doesn't even really notice the blush. "I hope so, sah, 'n' the name's Taye." He then glances down to Ceph's leg. "How'd ya do that, anyway?"

Whew. Ceph relaxes since the blush went unnoticed, grin still on his face. "Tis a pleasure then Taye." The runner's own eyes drift down to his bandaged leg, scratching his neck. "Oh, someone shot me on the beach while I was out jogging. Felt pretty stupid about it."
Taye's nose wrinkles and he shakes his head. "Nothin' t' feel stupid about, I guess. Can't help whose waitin' on the beach t' pick a beast off.." Shrug.

Cephas nods, scratching his neck again. "Suppose that's true. But still feel silly about it. So, what made you join up?"

Leaning against the wall, Taye grins again. "Well, seems like the thing t' do, livin' in the mountain 'n' all. Used t' think I'd go int' healin', but..." He glances up the corridor before continuing, "Don't tell m' da, but the sight o' blood makes me a little... y'know. Woozy." His grin goes a little sheepish.

"Oh, that's alright. To be honest, I don't see how they do it meself. I much prefer running over healing. But I bet yer dad will be proud no matter what ye do." Ceph replies, blinking his eyes a few times, glancing down the hall. "Hate to leave ya Taye, but I think I'm going to go rest up in my dorm for abit. My leg is started to bother me again. But it was nice to meet ya."

"Oh - oh, sure. Sorry t' have kept ya, sah." Taye pushes off the wall and turns to Ceph, nodding.

Cephas nods, pushing off the wall himself, fixing his crutch under his arm. "Aw, don't worry about it Taye. And please just call me Ceph. I ain't no one special. I'll probably see ya around though. Night." And off he hobbles to his room.
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